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About Membership

The Anglo-Russian Law Association is a company limited by guarantee. This means that it does not have shares or shareholders, but instead it has members. Its day-to-day management is carried out by the directors, but by becoming a member you will be entitled to do the following things:

  • To attend and vote at general meetings; normally there will be one meeting per year, called the Annual General Meeting or AGM, and you will be given at least three weeks' notice of the place and time of the meeting. We may also need to call other general meetings in exceptional circumstances;
  • To receive the annual accounts of the company;
  • To elect directors by voting at the meeting;
  • To vote on any fundamental changes to the nature of the company, its name, its purposes, or what happens to its profits.
You will not be entitled to receive any dividend or other income from the company.

If the company makes a profit this will be retained to help pay for the company's activities in the following years. If the company is wound up you will not receive any money from the company because its constitution requires that it should be paid to another similar organisation or to a charity.

The constitution is made up of the memorandum, the articles and the rules. The memorandum sets out what the company can do and why it exists; and the articles deal with the holding of meetings, the admission of members, the election of directors and other rules relating to the running of the company. These are legal documents that are registered on the public records for the company held at Companies House. They may also be inspected at the above address, where you may also inspect the rules made by the company to date.

You will not be liable for any debts of the company by becoming a member. You will not be liable if someone brings a legal case against the company. This is because like most other companies it is a limited company, which means your liability as a member is limited. If the company is wound up (which may happen, for example, if it cannot pay its debts) then you will have to pay no more than 10 to the company. This is the amount that you 'guarantee' or promise to pay to the company by becoming a member, as set out in clause 7 of the memorandum. In addition, if you have paid a subscription to the company there may not be enough funds left to return to you any of that subscription, even if the winding up happens part way through a membership year.

If you would like to become a member, please complete and return the Application Form enclosed with your membership fee.

The Board of Trustees has discretion to waive membership fees in exceptional circumstances. If you feel that your case is exceptional please write to The Membership Secretary at the above address stating the reasons why you believe that you should be admitted to the Association without having to pay membership fees. The Board of Trustees will consider each application on its merits at the next Board Meeting following receipt of your letter.

The Membership year runs from 1 January each year. Those members who paid their fees in October December will be deemed to be paid-up members for the next calendar year.

Membership fees for one year:

Individual Membership 40.00Corporate Membership 150.00Student membership 10.00